The perfect, or catalytic, moment only happens in the right time and place. You’ve chosen the time, now let us help to make it the perfect place. 

Through floral and design, we use our magic to accomplish wonderment. Whether you are a fan of flowers or greenery, driftwood and sand, candles and lighting fixtures, or something a little more deviant from the norm, allow us to transform reality and create the setting of your dreams. 

All of our clients receive custom vision boards for their designs.  For floral centerpieces we provide live samples, allowing you the opportunity to make any minor adjustments before the day- of your event so you can rest assured knowing that everything will be as you have envisioned. 

We love the opportunity to inspire clients and their guests through our art and creativity, please contact us for a consultation to start the collaboration process.  

Event and Wedding Centerpieces // Wedding Personals // Accent Decor // Home Decor // Restaurant Decor and Design // Holiday Decor and Design // Window Installations // Photo and Film Installations // Branding Design and Activations // Table Settings and Decor // Floral Crowns // Floral Favors and Gifts


Featured below is before and after from a recent installation of ours for the Gantry Loft: